Modeling Biology Workshop Day 0

I’ve arrived at my home away from home for the next 3 weeks, Rowan University.  I’ll be commuting daily to Clearview Regional High School, where the training will take place.  This Biology cohort is a small group, 7 of us, our believe.  I’m very excited about this opportunity and  I’d like to thank Boeing for suppling funding to help make this workshop very cost-effective.

My journey into Modeling Instruction has been several years in the making.  I was introduced to the pedagogy by Frank Noschese (@fnoschese) through either his blog or his TEDx Talk.  I was immediately captivated.  I thought the idea of students learning science by doing science just made so much sense.  I began to research the pedagogy and a quick “ask Google” search brought up several websites: the Modeling Instruction Legacy Site out of Arizona State University, the new American Modeling Teachers Association website and several teacher’s websites including Kelly O’Shea’s Physics! Blog!  Even though I am not a physics teacher, I found Kelly’s descriptions of the modeling building sequence in her class fascinating.  I was sold.  How could I incorporate this pedagogy into my classroom.  I continued my investigation into Modeling Instruction.  While the physics and chemistry model sequences were very throughly developed, I found the biology model sequence was still very much a work in progress.

Last summer I really wanted to attend a Biology Modeling Instruction workshop, but I could not fit it into my schedule as I had already committed to attempt a summit bid on Mt. Rainer with a great non-profit organization Climb for Cancer Care.  So I joined the AMTA and downloaded the Modeling Biology “curriculum”.   I attempted to implement some aspects of the curriculum in my classroom this past school with varying degrees of success.

When I saw the opportunity  for this workshop online, I knew that I’d be there.  Although I’ll be away from my wife and two young daughters for 3 weeks, I’m really looking forward learning and reflecting on the Modeling Instruction pedagogy.

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